This looks hard – Is HIIT for me?
Ultimately HIIT workouts can and should be challenging, but nothing comes easy and the fun and increased fitness and confidence you will gain, make it well worth it. Fitness is for everyone – athletes, kids, seniors, moms, professionals – everyone! Everything we do is scaled and progresses as your fitness improves. We want you to succeed!

Why is the price more expensive than a “regular” gym?
Timberline Fitness is not a typical gym where you pay a monthly or yearly fee and are then left alone to rely on your own programming, skill, and self motivation. At Timberline we provide the programming (from the warm up to the cool down), the instruction, the guidance, and the motivation. All you have to do is show up and work hard!

The hard work you and your coaches put in will give back ten fold. Some people balk at the prices initially, but the results speak for themselves and the fun and challenge of HIIT make people glad they paid for, and received, a quality product.

Do I need to be “In shape” to do HIIT? Absolutely Not! People come to do CrossFit to get into shape. Every pro started from the beginning and had to overcome fears of failure. All workouts are scalable and can be modified as needed. People from all walks of life can do the workouts and will benefit from them.

You are competing with yourself and your own abilities. We encourage everyone to do their best, no matter where you start. You must push yourself and with perservirance and dedication, you will see a change in strength, mobility, stability, cardio endurance, weight, attitude and confidence.

I don’t want to bulk up – will I gain tons of muscle?
No. HIIT and Weight Lifting will increase lean body mass, but not to the degree most people think of, like body building. Women do not have to worry about getting bulky since it is not hormonally possible-at least not without steroids! You will work on strength movements to increase your all around capabilities.

HIIT is not a bodybuilding program, it is a core strength and conditioning program using functional movements, executed at high intensity to achieve elite fitness across broad time and modal domains. In other words, using multi-joint compound movements, done quickly, with good form to prepare you for whatever life throws at you no matter what, when or where. We want you to be fully functional and moving well until you’re 100!