*ALL classes Require reservations within Wodify app*
5:00am- MWF
6:00am- MWF
7:00 AM- MWF
10:00am- MWF
12:00pm- MWF
5:00pm- M-F
6:00pm- MWF

6:00-7:00pm -T/Th
*Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Accessory lifting

Ready Fit!
10:00am- T/Th
*High Intensity Interval training class

Saturday Workout
9:30am- Saturdays
*Team/ group workouts. Open to non members.

Golden Fit
11:00am- MWF (temporarily cancelled)

Teen PE 
Jr & HS: 1:00pm- MWF* (temporarily cancelled)
Jr & HS: 2:00pm- MWF* (temporarily cancelled)
*Pick which time works best for your teen. Additional times for summer may be added. Stay in touch with Coach Abe for updates.

Open Gym/ After Hours 
Saturdays & Sundays & Non Class hours
*For members only
*Requires Additional 24/7 Access
*No coaching

24/7 Access
*This feature can be added on to an Adult Unlimited membership to access the gym during NON Class hours. Additional waiver and phone access required. Inquire with Coach Natalie for further details.



Our daily workouts include a variety of movements to be performed intensely over short periods of time. A typical workout lasts one hour in length and includes a warm up, instruction of the workout, the workout, and stretching/ cool down (time permitting).

Movements range from basic body weight movements such as push ups, pull ups, sit ups and squats all the way up to highly complex and highly skilled movements like Olympic Snatches, Clean and Jerks, Muscle ups and even double- unders.


If you have never done HIIT before, no problem! You can start at ANY time. Your class coach will assist you in modifying and scaling movements during your class time. They will be at your side to ask any questions and help you feel comfortable with the movements. You will also have the opportunity to meet our members and get a real feel for the community environment here at Timberline.  Don’t put it off any longer, START TODAY!

Weight Lifting:

Our weightlifting class is designed for athletes who want to work on Power lifting and Olympic style lifting . During this hour you will be given a  workout and you will have the hour to work at your own pace to complete the exercises. There will be a coach to go over movements and help with form and technique, but athletes will work through at their own pace. This program is available to current members only. If you wish to inquire about only lifting, or have experience lifting and want to check it out,  please contact us!

Open Gym:

If you have a crazy schedule or just like to come in on the weekends, this can be a time for you to work on whatever you like. Make up a  workout from the week, work on skills, mobility, or simply on your form.  Come in and sweat with us!